About us

“Borna Bazargan Ariayi International Trading Co” with brand name “Mr.Merchant” is a professional commercial company that has entered the international trading field with the goal of expanding the exportation of high quality products. Specialized marketing team, special commercial services, supplying the products according to the taste and the order of our customers and producing high quality products in accordance with the international standards are the important features of Mr. Merchant company.

Our Vision:

To be The Best Commercial and Export Management Company in Iran

To be Participation in the top 100 Middle East commercial Companies list

Our Missions:

1-Managing Export of Iranian Products

2-Export Networking and Export Distribution

Mr. Merchant company, with the history of 20 years of presence in industry and trading business, is ready to supply the products proportional to the need and usage of our dear customers worldwide.

At the moment Mr. Merchant arranges orders and supplies the following products:

1- Different types of polyester fiber.

2- petroleum bitumen.

3- Slack and Residue Wax.

4- Petroleum Jelly.

5- Paraffin Wax.

To register orders and call for prices you can go to the products or contact with us sections in our website.