Petroleum Bitumen

Bitumen is a black sticky substance which is obtained from tar or petrol and is used in making roads.

Mr.Merchant company supplies different kind of Bitumen.


Bitumen Specifications:

1) Penetration degree

Penetration test is used to determine bitumen hardness. In this test, a standard needle under the influence of a 100-gram load penetrates into bitumen at 25 ° C for 5 seconds. The penetration value in terms of tenth of millimeters is called penetration degree. The lower the degree of penetration is, the harder the bitumen will be.

2) Viscosity

The higher the bitumen viscosity is, the higher solid properties it shows. Clearly, at lower temperatures, the viscosity is smaller. This property of bitumen characteristic is measured using the Saybolt Furol machine or by kinematic method.

3) Flash point

The Flash point is the temperature that, if the bitumen reaches that temperature, the resulting gases will ignite when the flame approaches, and a flame occurs at its surface. The maximum temperature at which the bitumen can be heated in the workshop is limited to the flash point.

4) Weight loss on heating

The weight loss of bitumen at high temperature is due to the evaporation of a part of its oil and its petroleum compounds. This characteristic is also of significant properties of bitumen. The weight loss of bitumen is measured at the temperature of 163° C and within 5 hours (approximate conditions for cooking asphalt).

5) Ductility

If we pull a sample of bitumen with a cross section of 1 cm 2 at a speed of 5 cm / min, we increase the length of the sample before tearing the ductility property of bitumen.

6) Solubility in CS2

We know the solvent of bitumen is carbon tetra-chloride and carbon sulfur. So, if we dissolve a sample of bitumen in each of these materials, its impurities remain, and we can determine the purity of bitumen. The degree of purity is: (sample bitumen weight) ÷ [(impurity weight) – (bitumen weight)]

7) Softening point

The softening point is the temperature when the bitumen reaches that temperature, the bitumen becomes fluid. The higher the bitumen softening point, the lower the sensitivity to temperature variations. Softening point of ordinary bitumen is about 60 to 70


Types of Bitumen 

Bitumen 60-70

This kind of bitumen has a degree of penetration between 60-70 and its specifications are written in the table below:


Bitumen 85-100

This kind of bitumen has a degree of penetration between 85-100 and its specifications are written in the table below:



Bitumen Emulsion Price

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