Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly was discovered as a paraffin-like material coating oil rigs.

Petroleum jelly; is made by the waxy petroleum material that formed on oil rigs and distilling it. The lighter and thinner oil-based products make up petroleum jelly, also known as white petrolatum or simply as petrolatum. The still residue is then filtered through bone char to yield petroleum jelly. Mr.Merchant PJ are as Below:


Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade

Iran petroleum jelly industrial grade is a semi-solid, translucent mixture of hydrocarbons, originally promoted as a topical ointment for petroleum jelly industrial grade healing properties.

Petroleum jelly industrial grade or yellow petroleum jelly meets the British and u.s. Pharmacopoeia for yellow petroleum.



Uses Of  Petroleum Jelly Industrial Grade

Petroleum jelly industrial grade is used to moisten plasticine, coat corrosion-prone items, condition leather, finish wood, protect and prevent moisture loss, and as a release agent for plaster molds and castings , rubber, automotive and general industrial sectors.



Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade

Petroleum jelly cosmetic grade is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons (with carbon numbers mainly higher than 25), petroleum jelly cosmetic grade is promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties. After petroleum jelly cosmetic grade became a medicine chest staple, consumers began to use it for myriad ailments and cosmetic purposes, petroleum jelly folkloric medicinal value as a “cure-all” has since been limited by the better scientific understanding of appropriate and inappropriate uses. The best quality type of petroleum jelly for cosmetic industry No smell, extra white color is the most important specification of it.



Application Of Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade 

Medical treatment, skin and hair care, moisture loss, hair grooming, skin lubrication, product care and protection, coating, finishing, lubrication, production processes, surface cleaning, pet care, most of the ointments, creams for current or cosmetic uses are produced by using cosmetic petroleum jelly.



Petroleum Jelly Pharma Grade

petroleum jelly pharma grade is a mixture of natural waxes and mineral oils that together lock moisture in the skin, moisturizing it to repair and relieve dryness. petroleum jelly pharma grade is made by the waxy petroleum material that formed on oil rigs and distilling it. petroleum jelly has been used in various ointments and as a lubricant. The history of vaseline starts in 1859. That s where oil workers had been using rod wax, an unrefined form of petroleum jelly then just a simple by-product of the drilling they were working on to heal wounded or burnt skin.

medical use of petroleum jelly, for example, Ointment, Bandages, Eye Drugs, Skin Medicine.



Application Of  Petroleum Jelly Pharma Grade

petroleum jelly pharma grade is used all over the world to protect and heal dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to hard skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening the lips or highlighting the cheekbones. Vaseline is used to protect and repair the skin. Vaseline is used for preventing diaper rash, but it can also be used to protect minor cuts and burns, to soften skin, and to lock in moisture in dry, cracked skin.


medical use of petroleum jelly for example Ointment, Bandages, Eye drugs, Skin medicine


Usually used in creams and ointment for skin curing




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