DTY Polyester Yarn

Draw Textured Yarn or DTY has the most production and consumption rate among other textured yarns. These yarns are mainly used in making shirt, sheets, curtains and etc. These types of yarns are generally produced by machinery with the primary heat zones V and M. POY yarns after going through heat and stretch zones enter friction zone. Then for becoming stabilized they enter the secondary heat zones. In some of the mentioned machinery, there are jet-mounted knots. In this way, threads are knotted or produced in the term intermingled (singles). Knitted threads will generally be used for threaded threads.

Mr.Merchant company has put the different types of DTY threads in the main production line with the policy of supplying our dear customers:


1- Fabric.

2- Knitted fabric.

3- Rachel blanket.

4- Sports wear.

5- Machine woven carpet.

6- Curtain.

This product comes in the varieties:

         Simple/ Intermingled/ Kumyngl

With colors:


With grades:

          150 D/48F

          300 D/96F

          600 D/192F

Will be available.

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